Investment, Business Model, Strategy

Adriano Accardo

Senior Agency Industry Manager – Google UK

Business Angel, Entrepreneur, Strategy Consultant

Alberto Giusti

Partner – Guanxi Ltd

Investments, Business Model, Strategy

Alessandro Allotta

Head of Scouting – LMarks

Investment, Business Model, Strategy

Alessandro Cerrone

Early Stage Investor

Accounting, Investment, Business Model

Alessandro Iobbi

Chartered Accountant – ACT London

Investment, Finance

Alessandro Santo

Founder – Last Mile Venture

Growth Hacking

Alessia Camera

Founder – AC Marketing Consultancy

Product Development, Business Strategy, Fund Raising

Alessio Bortone

Accelerator Manager, Consultant

Operations and Product Development

Alexandro Sances

Head of UKI Operations – Octo Telematics

Growth Marketing, Product Development

Andrea d’Ottavio

Digital Entrepreneur

Marketing, Investment, Product Development

Andrea Manfredi

Founder – Blasting News

Investment, Product Development, Pitching

Anthony Rose

Founder – SeedLegals

Antonio Lorenzon

Entrepreneur, Marketer, Motivation Coach

Technical Architect, Cloud Architect

Camillo Anania

IT Consultant – Accenture

Investment, Business Model, Strategy, Renewable Energy

Carlo Garuzzo

Board Member and Partner – mashfrog Group

Business Model Canvas, Concept, GoToMarket / Marketing

Carlo Palmieri

Founder – CP Consulting

Legal, Shareholders’ Agreements, IP, Investment Agreements

Cecilia Gozzoli

Founder & Partner – Gozzoli Solicitors

SEO specialist

Claudio Colombo

Head of Digital – EU Web Agency

Growth Hacking

Claudio Cuccovillo

Founder – Growth Hacking Agency

Business Development, Investments

Costanza Beltrame

Development Manager – FINCA International

Product Design, Product Management, Product Marketing

Dario D’Aprile

Founder – Human and Machine ltd

Product Development, Product-Market Fit

Davide Turi 

Product Coach and Consultant – getProductMarketFit

Operations, Digital transformation, M&A implementation

Denise D’Elia 

Company Director – RPC Strategic Agility Ltd

Business Plan, Go-to-Market Strategy, Pitch Presentations, Raising Funds

Eduardo Paperini

Investment Manager – Collider

Business Plan, Investments, Raising Funds

Elisa Russo

Senior Associate – NextWorld Capital

Investment, Product Development, Proptech, Fintech

Enrico Faccioli

Research Analyst – Legal & General Investment Management

Strategy, Finance, Machine Learning, Energy

Fabio Greco

Managing Director – Eagle LNG

Serial Entrepreneur, Product Development

Fabio Rebecchi

Founder – Mr. Doc

Lean Product Strategy

Fabrizio Oswald Giordanino

Digital Strategy Consultant

Serial Entrepreneur, Product Management, Speaker, VR

Federico Mammano

Sales, Business Development, Airline/Travel, Media

Francesco Ragni

Founder – Londra Italia

Business Strategy, Fundraising, Financial Modelling, FinTech

Guglielmo De Stefano

Business Intelligence Analyst – RateSetter

Investments, Strategic and Financial Planning, Business Model, Change Management

Ilario Di Bon

MD – Create Growth Partners

Investor, Strategy

Luca Diomede

Manager – Bain & Company

Investments and Fundraising, Strategy, Multi-side platforms, Gamification

Luca Zaccagnino

Founder, Investor – Principio lz Ltd

Growth Investing, Climate Change, Consumer, Software, Cybersecurity, IOT

Lucia Rigo

Director in Growth Equity – Generation Investment Management

Investment, Product Development, Go-To Market Strategy, Cloud Strategy

Marco Carrubba

Cloud Portfolio Lead – Vodafone

Full stack IT development, UX, Design

Marco Matascioli

Lead Software Engineer – Curio Labs

Legal advice related to IP, Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Copyright

Marco Morbidini

Patent Attorney – Marks & Clerk LLP

Investments, Business Development

Mariapaola Testa 

Senior Associate – The Boston Consulting Group

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Mario Mariani

Partner – United Ventures

Serial Entrepreneur

Marsel Nikaj

Serial Entrepreneur

Matteo Berlucchi 

CEO & Co-Founder – Your.MD

Investment and Business Development

Matteo Scarabelli

Investment Manager – LMarks

Agile, Change Management, Product Development, Customer Care

Michael Forni

Agile Mentor – Nextar Ltd

Growth Hacking

Michele Cuccovillo

Partner – Rock Mission Ltd

Innovation, Product Design e Product Development

Nicola Rosa

Senior Manager, Strategy – Accenture Digital

Scaling, Hiring, Investment, International Expansion

Paola Marinone

Co-Founder and CEO – BuzzMyVideos

Business Development, Analytics

Paolo Dotta

Co-Founder – ALTAR.io

Paolo Pio

Senior Manager, Product Management – Cisco

Investment, Fundraising, VC, Mergers & Acquisitions, Finance

Pietro Invernizzi

Dealflow – The Family

Media, Advertising, Online & Offline, Tv, Digital, Mobile, Programmatic, Targeting

Riccardo Polizzy Carbonelli

VP Publishers & Advertising Partnerships – zeotap

Strategy, Marketing and Business Development

Rosaria Truppo

Co Founder – Photocert


Samantha Del Vigna

Accountant (FCCA)

Silvia Iommi

Head of EMEA Digital Performance Marketing JLL

Strategy, Business development, Marketing

Sofia Pietrella

Head of Strategic Development – Hogarth Worldwide

Fundraising, Due Diligence, Financial Modeling, Project Management

Stefano Manna

Principal – Cebile Capital

Finance, Sales, Marketing, People Management

Tim Lewis

Non Executive Director for High Tech start ups

Business Planning, Business Development

Vincenzo D’Onofrio

Chartered Accountant member of ICAEW

Strategy, Branding, Business Development

Yuri Poletto

Consultant – Itoi Consulting