About us


Techitalia is the community that get closer Italians working in tech in London. Founded in 2014, it now has about 3000 members and meets once a month.

The meetings are opened to professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs in tech/media/digital businesses, based in London, and/or professionals working with Italy in similar sectors.

Our Team

Pier Paolo Mucelli

Pier Paolo is a London based entrepreneur, angel investor and startup metor.
His main activity is at eOffice, the first coworking concept in Europe founded in early 2000. eOffice is modern workplace offering sociable, business setting geared to vibrant, like-minded startups and entrepreneurs, in a number of Central London locations.

Andrea Angella

Andrea worked as Mentor in a Startup School and as Programme Manager in one of the top startup accelerators in London, being responsible for organising accelerator and pre-accelerator programmes. He has a background in International Business and his main areas of expertise include sales, international business development, marketing and purchasing.

Marco Santesso

Marco is CEO & co founder of Gigride, a marketplace to book live music gigs. He has degrees from Ca’ Foscari in Venice, GSU in Atlanta and LSE in London. Before launching his startup he worked for two Rocket Internet Ventures in London. Always looking for the next challenge.

Marcello Pelucchi

Marcello worked in a London based start-up accelerator and, after an internship for a Swiss asset management company, decided to come back to the world of start-up. He graduated in Management and Entrepreneurship in London and is currently running his own start-up.

Alessandra Barraco

Alessandra is a PR Specialist and she works with Italian startups and schools. She is in contact with the most promising Italian startups and her main goal is “connection”: connecting Italian startups to the UK and Chinese market and connecting schools to companies to get closer young talents to the today’s labour market.