Accelerating Italian start-ups and scale-ups

TechItalia is a community encompassing 5,000 professionals working in tech in London which supports Italian companies interested in expanding, launching internationally and raising investment in the UK.

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Startup Programme

4-week programme addressed to high-potential early stage startups with a Minimum Viable Product and looking to raise up to £500k equity investment.

Scaleup Bootcamp

4-day bootcamp addressed to scaleups with a validated business model, interested in expanding their business in the UK and looking to raise £500k+ equity investment.

Open Innovation

TechItalia can deliver bespoke acceleration programmes for Corporates and Public Administrations


TechItalia is the largest Italian tech ecosystem inside the largest innovation European cluster to help the «made in Italy» in growing and developing in UK. It is going to become the reference point of Italy in London, both if you are a startup, an entrepreneur, professionals or a student.
Our team of mentors and our passion for what we do, are focused to help Italian startups to become scaleups.


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