Investment, Business Model, Strategy

Adriano Accardo

Senior Agency Industry Manager – Google UK

Business Angel, Entrepreneur, Strategy Consultant

Alberto Giusti

Partner – Guanxi Ltd

Serial entrprepreneur and investor

Aldo Del Bo

Head of Global Partnerships and Sponsorships – Kaspersky Lab

Go-To-Market, Branding, Direct-To-Consumer, Fundraising / VC

Alessandra Sollberger

Founder & CEO – Evermore

Investments, Business Model, Strategy

Alessandro Allotta

Head of Scouting – LMarks

Investment, Business Model, Strategy

Alessandro Cerrone

Early Stage Investor

Venture Capital, Private Equity and M&A

Alessandro Laterza

Manager – PitchBook

Deep Tech Specialist

Alessandro P. Maiano

Managing Partner – Wilbe Ventures

Accounting, Investment, Business Model

Alessandro Iobbi

Finance Director –MAG SPA

Investment, Finance

Alessandro Santo

Founder – Last Mile Venture

Growth Hacking

Alessia Camera

Founder – AC Marketing Consultancy

Product Development, Business Strategy, Fund Raising

Alessio Bortone

Accelerator Manager, Consultant

Operations and Product Development

Alexandro Sances

Head of UKI Operations – Octo Telematics

Software Development

Andrea Crotti

Senior Software Engineer – Funding Circle UK

Growth Marketing, Product Development

Andrea d’Ottavio

Digital Entrepreneur

Marketing, Investment, Product Development

Andrea Manfredi

Founder – Blasting News

International Expansion, Operations, Marketing, Investment

Andrea Olivari

Head of International – Adzuna

Investment, Product Development, Pitching

Anthony Rose

Founder – SeedLegals

Digital Marketing, AdTech

Antoine de Kermel

Business Mentor – French Lab

Antonio Lorenzon

Entrepreneur, Marketer, Motivation Coach

Power&Gas, Tech, Financial Services

Antonio Ricciardi

Co-Founder and Programme Manager – We Start Italy

Agile marketing strategist, CRM architect

Antonio Specchia

CEO – Strategic Links London

Product Development and Strategy

Antonio Virzì

CEO – biid

Banking, Financial Advisory

Alessandro Mele

CEO and Founder – EthicalFin

Marketing and Business Development

Francesca Polo

Head of Marketing and Operations– Vastari

AI, Product and Software Development, Investment Pitch, Marketing, Sales

Bruno Zamborlin

Founder and CEO – Mogees Limited

Technical Architect, Cloud Architect

Camillo Anania

IT Consultant – Accenture

Growth Hacking

Claudio Cuccovillo

Founder – Growth Hacking Agency

Investment, Business Model, Strategy, Renewable Energy

Carlo Garuzzo

Board Member and Partner – mashfrog Group

Business Model Canvas, Concept, GoToMarket / Marketing

Carlo Palmieri

Founder – CP Consulting

Business Consulting, Financial Controlling, Investing

Carlo Patetta Rotta

Member of the Board – Fibering S.p.A.

Growth, Digital Marketing Consultancy

Carlos Ramos

Senior Growth Marketer (ex-HomeAway; Trainline; Mediacom)

Legal, Shareholders’ Agreements, IP, Investment Agreements

Cecilia Gozzoli

Founder & Partner – Gozzoli Solicitors

Claudio Bedino

Co-Founder – Oval Money

SEO specialist

Claudio Colombo

Head of Digital – EU Web Agency

FInance, Seed Stage Investments

Davide Sangiovanni

Founder – Graffiti Syndicate

Product Design, Product Management, Product Marketing

Dario D’Aprile

Founder – Human and Machine ltd

Product Development, Product-Market Fit

Davide Turi 

Product Coach and Consultant – getProductMarketFit

Operations, Digital transformation, M&A implementation

Denise D’Elia 

Company Director – RPC Strategic Agility Ltd

Strategy & Vision, Product development

Dylan Fuller

Co-Founder and MD – Wilderness Now

Business plan, Financials, FinTech

Edoardo Cattapan

Investment Analyst – Earlybird Venture Capital

Business Plan, Go-to-Market Strategy, Pitch Presentations, Raising Funds

Eduardo Paperini

Investment Manager – Collider

Business Plan, Investments, Raising Funds

Elisa Russo

Tech Investor

Marketing, Strategy, Business Model

Emma Perrotta

CEO – Bekudo

Business Development, Operations, Internationalisation, Investments

Giorgio Ponticelli

Ex-JUST EAT, Ex-Treatwell

Investment, Product Development, Proptech, Fintech

Enrico Faccioli

Research Analyst – Legal & General Investment Management

Strategy, Finance, Machine Learning, Energy

Fabio Greco

Managing Director – Eagle LNG

Serial Entrepreneur, Product Development

Fabio Rebecchi

Founder – Mr. Doc

Lean Product Strategy

Fabrizio Oswald Giordanino

Digital Strategy Consultant

Serial Entrepreneur, Product Management, Speaker, VR

Federico Mammano

Francesco Boni Guinicelli

Operations Director – Toucan Ventures

Sales, Business Development, Airline/Travel, Media

Francesco Ragni

Founder – Londra Italia

Francesco Fiume

Head of Marketing and Communication – Fashion Technology Accelerator

Angel Investor, IT Security

Francesco Palazzo

Group Senior Security Consultant – Sky

FinTech, Blockchain

Gabriele Musella

CEO and Founder – Paylinko

Giorgia Sterza

Talent and Community Manager – Inmotion

Product Management, Product Lead, Digital Marketing

Giorgio Giuliani

Senior Product Manager – N26

Business Strategy, Fundraising, Financial Modelling, FinTech

Guglielmo De Stefano

Analyst – Expand Research

Giorgio Santini

Executive Partner – Gartner UK

Investments, Strategic and Financial Planning, Business Model, Change Management

Ilario Di Bon

MD – Create Growth Partners

Strategy & Vision in Financial Services, Fintech, Insurtech, IoT

Jean-Stéphane Gourévitch

CEO and Founder – Mobile Convergence Ecosystems

Strategy, Digital Marketing, Communication

Jacopo Paoletti

Founder and CEO – Comunicatica

Luca Benini

CRO – Yoobic

Marketing, Product Development, Fintech, R&D, EU grants

Luigi Telesca

Co-Founder & CEO – Trakti

Business Development, Investments

Costanza Beltrame

Development Manager – FINCA International

Global Business Expert for Luxury Brands

Maria Santacaterina

CEO – Santacaterina Consulting

Investor, Strategy

Luca Diomede

Manager – Bain & Company

Investments and Fundraising, Strategy, Multi-side platforms, Gamification

Luca Zaccagnino

Founder, Investor – Principio lz Ltd

Growth Investing, Climate Change, Consumer, Software, Cybersecurity, IOT

Lucia Rigo

Director in Growth Equity – Generation Investment Management

Investment, Product Development, Go-To Market Strategy, Cloud Strategy

Marco Carrubba

Cloud Portfolio Lead – Vodafone

Full stack IT development, UX, Design

Marco Matascioli

Lead Software Engineer – Curio Labs

Legal advice related to IP, Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Copyright

Marco Morbidini

Patent Attorney – Kilburn & Strode LLP

Product Development, Energy, Aerospace

Margherita Latronico

Project Engineer – ENI

Product Development, Growth Hacking, Strategy

Matteo Marchesano

COO – StarBoost Srl

(Virtual Mentor: Torino)

Product Development, IT Development, Api Economy

Michele Barbagli

Founder – Sintra

(Virtual Mentor: Firenze)

Accounting, Business model, Financial Planning

Paolo Malaguti

Founder and CEO – Credit-Vision

Advisory, Consulting

Marco Donzelli

CEO – HLB International

Investments, Expansion, Acquisition

Paula Harvan

Investor and Advisor – Rentivo

Business development, International Expansion

Michele D’Aliessi

Digital Industry Lead UK – EIT

Product Management, Product Marketing, Digital Marketing

Marco Botticelli

CEO and Founder – OPIÑON

Serial Entrepreneur, Vision, Sales, Innovation/Product Development

Martin Malii-Karlsson

Founder – BLaO

Serial Entrepreneur, scale-up growth expert, Investor

Andrew Ford

Founder and CEO – CustomerGig

FMGT, retail, eCommerce.

Mauro Viganò

Retail Account Manager – Amazon

Serial Entrepreneur, Vision, Sales, Innovation/Product Development

Mirko Trasciatti

Co founder – Qozy

Investments, Business Development

Mariapaola Testa 

Senior Associate – The Boston Consulting Group

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Mario Mariani

Partner – United Ventures


Marsel Nikaj

Product Owner – Revolut

Serial Entrepreneur

Matteo Berlucchi 

CEO & Co-Founder – Your.MD

Investment and Business Development

Matteo Scarabelli

Investment Manager – LMarks

Agile, Change Management, Product Development, Customer Care

Michael Forni

Agile Mentor – Nextar Ltd

Growth Hacking

Michele Cuccovillo

Partner – Rock Mission Ltd

Innovation, Product Design e Product Development

Nicola Rosa

Senior Manager, Strategy – Accenture Digital

Scaling, Hiring, Investment, International Expansion

Paola Marinone

Co-Founder and CEO – BuzzMyVideos

Business Development, Analytics

Paolo Dotta

Co-Founder – ALTAR.io

Paolo Pio

Managing Director – Joyance Partners Europe

Investment, Fundraising, VC, Mergers & Acquisitions, Finance

Pietro Invernizzi

Dealflow – The Family

Paolo Valdemarin

Partner – Activate Capital

Gamification designer and Project manager

Salvatore Mica

Founder and CEO – RanAway

Sara Brunelli

CEO – Bidtotrip


Simon Edrich

Director – AccountsCo

Media, Advertising, Online & Offline, Tv, Digital, Mobile, Programmatic, Targeting

Riccardo Polizzy Carbonelli

VP Publishers & Advertising Partnerships – zeotap

Strategy, Marketing and Business Development

Rosaria Truppo

Co Founder – Photocert


Samantha Del Vigna

Accountant (FCCA)

Silvia Iommi

Head of EMEA Digital Performance Marketing JLL

Simone Cimminelli

Managing Director – iStarter

Serial Entrepreneur

Stefano Tresca

Managing Partner – StartupHome

Business Planning, Investment

Tommaso Adamo

Consultant – FTI Consulting

Business Planning, Investment

Tommaso Cremonini

Business Developer – Morsy

Strategy, Business development, Marketing

Sofia Pietrella

Head of Strategic Development – Hogarth Worldwide

Fundraising, Due Diligence, Financial Modeling, Project Management

Stefano Manna

Principal – Cebile Capital

Finance, Sales, Marketing, People Management

Tim Lewis

Non Executive Director for High Tech start ups

Business Planning, Business Development

Vincenzo D’Onofrio

Chartered Accountant member of ICAEW

Strategy, Branding, Business Development

Yuri Poletto

Consultant – Itoi Consulting

Roberto Sasso


Business Development, Project Management, Strategy

Virginia Fiume

COO – Bekudo

Business Development

Zee West

Co-Founder – The Future Crowd

Pushkar Wadke

Associate Director (Technology Ventures) – Enterprise Ventures at Imperial College London

Stefano Monzo

Founder and CEO – Helpee

Vincenzo Filetti

President – Associazione TrentaQuaranta

Angelica Donati

President and CEO – Donati Immobiliare Group

Sara Di Pietrantonio

Group Operations Lead – Teads.tv

Mauro Ercolini

Co-founder and CTO-CIO – Nextar Group

Lorenzo Calcagni

General Manager U-Start

Pedram Vahabi 

UX Designer – Amazon Business

Francesco Zibellini

Marketing and Sales and Strategic Consultant – Blue Lions Films

Jeremy Larsson

UK General Manager and Director of Strategic Partnerships – CurrencyFair.com

Investor, Strategy and Financial Advisor

Antonio Baccari

Founder – Baccoil

Alessandro Tucci 

Senior Vice President – 21 Century Fox

Mauro Romaldini

Business Consultant – MRomaldini


Caterina Iodice

Consultant and Solicitor – EMW Law LLP

Mentor, Advisor, Investor

George Levy

Associate – HOF Capital

Investor in sport and media

Alessandro Nuccetelli

Vice President – Aser

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Fintech

Elisa Giudici

Director – Digital Talents Academy

Serial Entrepreneur, marketplaces

Andrea Guzzoni

CEO and Co-Founder – Rentuu

Circular Economy, Sustainability, Environmental Consulting

Donata Magrin

Founder & DirectorFounder & Director – Way to Eco Ltd

Serial Entrepreneur, Artistic and Academic experience

Francesca Guerrera

Enterprise Manager – Queen Mary University

PR, Marketing, Inward Investment & Strategy

Joanna Dodd

Managing Director – Rochester PR Group

Finance, Business Plan, Management, IPO & Investor relations

Martino Cadoni

Director, Finance Strategy – HSBC

Real Estate Finance

Corrado Mascellani

Proptech Lead – ING

Digital Transformation, Finance, Marketing

Andrew Gastaldello

MD – New Horizons Ventures

Strategy, Transformation, Due Diligence

Luca Gallo

Senior Consultant – Efficio

SaaS Web Application, Usable products

Valerio Foddai

UX/UI Designer – Soldo

Fintech, Regtech, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain

Stefano Falciani

CEO and Founder – Maviste Consulting

Banking and Financial Services

Michael Cimino

ECM Associate – STJ Advisors

AI, IOT & Blockchain

Segun Osu

Director – G2Guide

Finance & Investment

Emilio Vacca

Chief Technology Officer – Carbon bank

Brand Strategy & Guerrilla Campaigns

Anna Verre

Founder – the A & the Z

AI & Product Development

Maurizio Moriello

Senior Product Manager – Babylon Health

Engineering, cleantech, medtech & food processing

Mario D’Aragona

Managing Partner – TML Venture


Francesco Famularo

Analyst – Financial Sponsors Group & Alternative Funds- Intesa Sanpaolo


Alessandro Onano

Chief Marketing Officer- Moneyfarm

Beauty, FMCG, Retail & Real Estate

Deana Fregnan

Commercial Finance- McArthurGlen Group


John Mitchell

Business Coach – Fintech companies

Investment Banking, Management & Finance

Gabriele Vitali

Founder & Operation Manager- Leggero

Energy, Utilities & Construction

Riccardo Chiarelli

Founder & VP product – Mela Works

Construction, Smart cities, Aerospace, Energy, Healthcare & Business IT

Christian Mastrodonato

Director of Engineering – Digital Catapult

Blockchain & Fintech

Andrea Bonaceto

CEO – Eterna Capital

Executive Search, Media & HRTech

Thomas Drewry

Co-Founder – Emolument.com

Insurtech & Fintech

James Brown

Insurance Executive expert in Italy and Europe – Self – Employed

Fintech & Gaming

Roberto Carrieri

Product Owner – Soldo

Agriculture, Food, Fintech & Finance

Nicola Chiaranda

Chief Financial Officer- Agribusiness & Food Groups

Journalism, Brand Journalism & Digital and Content Strategist

Alessandro Allocca

Journalist- La Repubblica

PropTech, Information Technology, Innovative Digital Solutions, Construction, Smart cities & Sustainability

Andrea Cavallaro

Associate Principal- Hoare Lea


Marco Scotti

Founder – Dynamo

Management Consulting, Service Industry, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Infrastructure, Technology & Fashion

Marco Mormone

Partner and Co-Founder – ARCA BLANCA

Tax Law, Innovation & Management

Salvatore Di Maggio

Emerging Giants Lead Cambridge – KPMG

Information Governance, Communications and Marketing, Business Dev, Product Marketing & Team Management

Rafael Bloom

Director – Salvatore Ltd.

IT governance, Strategy and Security, Virtualization and Storage, Cloud/OnPremises Hybrid IT environments, Vendors & Contractors Relationship Management, Project Management & Team Leading

Roberto Sassi

Director – MHRS Consulting

Value Proposition Design & Branding

Deborah Wood

Value Proposition Design & Brand Consultant Coach – Wayra

Cross industry tech, Media, Finance, Manufacturing & SME/corporations

Eve-Victoria Blavy

Head of HR Business Partnering – Teledyne e2v

Technology, Marketplace, Financial modelling

Marco Buffoli

Global Strategy & Ops at Deliveroo

IT, Tourism

Vincenzo Raimondo

Senior project manager presso Lascaux

Fundraising, Blockchain, Exit

Federico Pacilli

COO and Co-founder – Xriba

Carbon offset industry, ESG

Maria Eugenia Filmanovici

Co-founder – Abatable

Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing

Demetrio Tondella

Growth Hacker – Innoleaps

Ecommerce, finance and business process

Paolo Levoni

EU Cross Border Trade and Product Engagement – eBay

EdTech, MedTech and AgriTech

Adriano Travaglia

CEO and Co-founder – TheirAbility


Dorian Haci

Co-Founder – MintNeuro

Ad-Tech, E-Commerce, Ed-Tech, Digital Media, Social Media, AR/VR, AI and Crypto

Chris DeMayo

Partner -WithumSmith+Brown

Deeptech, Business model and UK market expansion

Matthew Scherba

Investment Director – Terna PLC

Artificial Intelligence

Ajit Jaokar

Course Director: Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations – University of Oxford

Finance, Strategy, IR, Restructuring and Corporate development

Martino Cadoni

Global Head of Strategic Finance & Investor Relations – Klarna

Digital Strategy, Communication & Marketing

Federico Sbandi

CEO – Digital Combat Academy

Marketing strategy, HealthTech & Business Development

Daniele Poggio

Managing Director & Co Founder – Aqualibria

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