Startups Q1 2019 (Coming soon)


Xelexia develops engineering design solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Holoment is an online platform and app to find famous people/artists/speakers who participate in your private or professional events in “live” video conferences.


i-Laps is the first and only tracking and telemetry system designed for Smartphones (Android – iPhone)


Mammalo is a user friendly platform where you can either list your profession or find a service expert ready to help you.


MIASSICURO is a fully digital broker company. They sell and manage all the insurance contracts and the claims with miassicuro insurances are easily available to people’s fingertips.


Penguinpass is a smart access management system meeting the needs of event organisers.


SurgiQ provides capacity planning tools to primary & secondary care providers to help them prevent inefficiency, avoid last-minute disruptions and manage crisis.


ViDiTrust concentrates anti-counterfeiting, traceability and geomarketing in one solution.

Wearable Italia

WearableItalia‘s products combine the uniqueness typical of high class italian artisan traditions with the latest generation of technology applied to dress,accessories,jewelry and leather goods.

Scaleups Q1 2019 


AQRATE reduces translation costs for companies and helps manage the translation process to ensure the desired translation output quality.


Domethics transforms any smartphone into a smart-cam or IoT hub, capable of managing multiple connected objects through various wireless protocols. Our device, Adriano, uses as interface his mobile app or user’s voice.

Eligo Milano

Eligo offers an innovative sartorial experience through the first community of Professional Personal Stylist, called Sartorialist. We spread Italian Elegance in the world, using idle capacity of the best artisans exporting worldwide suits, shirts, shoes and many other products handmade and always customized.

Smiling.Video is an Internet video distribution platform. We work with top publishers such as MSN-Microsoft, Qwant, Tuttosport /, Triboo and others and with Content Producers such as Sky, Discovery, Disney, Universal, Sony.


TrainUp is an online marketplace (app/web) for sports activities and trainersA community of Trainers and Athletes. We put in contact people who want to train with Trainers who organize activities and sell their services.


Wallabies can analyse sports statistics and bring the future into the football world thanks to machine Learning.

Q3 2018 


AdsEBOOK offers a 70% profit to all writers who publish free ebooks with the first self-serve advertising platform


it is an online platform where registered operators can negotiate and contract products (raw mats, semi-finished, finished goods); it is meant to serve agro-food industry on a B2B level.

B2BOOK is a B2B platform for vacation rentals open to any travel professional (Buyer) and property supplier (Seller).

Buyers can book accommodations worldwide directly from the Sellers making a high revenue thanks to the best commission fees on the market.


Tagfor is a Loyalty/couponing system for pubs/coffee (pizzas, ice cream, etc) shops that allows to engage customers giving them free coffees (not only.. every kind of low cost products) and a lot of discount coupons though their habits.


Laila is a chatbot which can handle a conversation just like a human. It is the result of an ambitious research project whose goal is to provide companies with conversational agents able to overcome the technological limits of current chatbot services.


Pickee is a mobile app to organise group activities through a shared to-do list. From parties and trips with friends, to meetings and events for people who share interests and passions.


Powahome is an innovative smarthome system. It relies on a retrofit solution for home automation, capable to make a house smart in only 2 hours without modifications to existing wiring.




Splitty Pay is a payment option to be installed on the merchant checkout page and allows to split the total amount on different cards, overcoming spending limit on a single credit card and in other cases to avoid anticipating money for others.


CoderBlock is the first AI recruitment marketplace that brings top companies and freelancers together around the world.



Victu delivers healthy/tasty meals that will respect your glycemic index and body mass index.




VRtuoso is the first ever enterprise product to allow anyone to create VR presentations quickly and easily. Presenters can also guide their audience through any experience and control what is viewed on their VR headsets. VRtuoso is, in essence, ‘PowerPoint for VR’.


WAU! is a social e-learning company which specialises in admission test preparation for medicine degrees in Italian universities.


On YouKoala parents get a box of clothes for their child, when the child grows they send the box back and get a new one with bigger clothes. We use clothes made of organic cotton.




CLABIT provides Italian high-quality handmade products through ecommerce.

Q2 2018 


We help organizers build unforgettable business events by boosting professionals meetings with our Tinde-like app.


It’s a new phygital media platform interesting for users and for brands to book events and experiences all inclusive by fragmentable budget.


There are many platforms dedicated to fashion but Wowfit is the first which speaks of fashion recycling.


Job matching platform with Video Job interview systems.


Figaroo allows its invitation-only members to get immediate access to highest level of nightlife, worldwide, anytime.


In our platform we put the new marketing concept of “LOVE” that nobody else do. Citizen can do something good for the planet From HOW to WHY.


Strokin app is a platform which improves the way clubs and festivals are organised.

Q1 2018 


Squisy aims to be the mindful way to discover personalized food experiences.


Comehome is a social (for real) network. A digital platform that allows its users to easily organize and participate to house events, creating aggregation offline, in real life.


Personal Shop is a web platform that connects tourists and people passionate about shopping with local personal shoppers in the main cities in the world.

RENTUU is an online platform that allows you to rent products for the short term.


We patented an algorithm embedded in a multi-sensor device enabling tracking of checked-in luggage worldwide by sending data to a remote server in a safe mode.


Wonder envisions the world where humans can spread engaging knowledge and news instantaneously and smartly with just a smartphone or a personal computer.


DandYlion takes investors beyond the noise, helping them to navigate this market by individuating the real value behind blockchain ventures.


Mela is a web based application for work management in industrial environments. It is used to create tasks, manage field work and share information.


Detecting dangerous health conditions on a simple smartphone.


Fintastico is the place where to discover the most innovative financial services.


The first real tourism marketplace where hotel & traveler are in direct connection without commissions.