Our accelerator is based in London which is the 3rd startup ecosystem in the world according to Startup Genome and it’s therefore the perfect place to scale your business and raise investment.


The UK is the digital capital of Europe

Over the past 5 years the UK attracted £28bn in digital tech investment, more than double of France, the second country for investment. Italy attracted only £4,2bn digital tech investment.


London is the 7th italian city in the world

Bringing together 500,000 Italian speakers, London is the city per excellence to make the link between these two communities.

Why TechItalia?

As one of our Alumni companies said, Techitalia is “the best way to enter and connect to the London ecosystem for Italian startups”, for the following reasons:

We have a strong knowledge about the needs of Italian startups in the UK (Techitalia has already worked with 80+ Italian-based companies in London and has successfully delivered 2 Global Startup Programmes in 2019).

We have a strong knowledge of the Italian as well as the UK market, and strong connections in both countries. Techitalia is based in the UK, but has its roots in Italy and the majority of its partners and mentors have relevant connections and work experience in both countries.

Techitalia is one the founding members of Global Tech Connect UK, The Alliance of UK-based International Startup Programmes, which gives its companies access to a global network of partners, corporates and investors.